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Craft Precious Memories with our Gold Coast

Prefer something short and sweet? Anima Visual has an affordable solution for your Elopement photography and film...


Short & Sweet

Sometimes, you just want something simple and beautiful, fun and and easy.

Enter - the 'Short & Sweet' Elopement Package: A two hour photo, film, or combo package tailored specifically to elopements and shorter celebrations of love.

Trust Anima Visual to capture something beautiful on your day - because no matter the size, it's still your special day!

Our 'Short & Sweet' Elopement Package will allow you to capture those special moments, as well as some fun memories and any details you want to cherish forever.

So, what's included?

- 2hrs photo and/or film coverage
- A 1-2 minute highlight film
​- A beautiful gallery of high resolution imagery

Sound like a bit of you? Maybe it's time to reach out!

Tailored To You

We're a no-two-days-the-same kind of business, so we're always happy to work with you and think outside the box when it comes to capturing your day.

Maybe you just want photo, maybe just film - maybe you want both or want us to stick around for a few hours? The choice is yours.

Give us what details you want, and we'll create something just for you - view all our packages below...

Renee & Ben-5.jpeg

Sometimes, Love
Is Short But Sweet

Don't be fooled - your big day is no less special without all the bells and whistles! Love is love, and we're all for capturing it in any way, shape or form...

Ready To Elope?

Because let's face it, bigger isn't always better...

Looking for a wedding photographer and videographer who can capture the magic of your intimate escape? Look no further than Anima Visual's new Elopement Photo & Film package!


Consider me the secret agent of love, discreetly snapping breathtaking shots and filming your special moment without disturbing the cosmic connection between you and your partner. Let me be your partner in crime and create a visual masterpiece that tells the story of your elopement. 


Forget about traditional weddings and embrace the adventure - because with Elopement Photo & Film, the only thing you'll lose is the stress, and the only thing you'll gain is pure joy and memories to cherish forever.


Book now and get ready for a day filled with laughter, love, and perhaps a little bit of mischief!

It's about transforming the events of your wedding into a living, lasting memory, and adding soul to your day.

We are based in Burleigh Heads, on the Gold Coast. Our services span from Byron to Brisbane and far beyond - we're always happy to discuss travel and location elopements if it tickles your fancy.

If you have the idea, we have the know how and the can do attitude - combined with excellent film results and competitive pricing! 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let's plan something 'Short & Sweet'!

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